Soil Moisture Monitoring on the Web ( GPRS )

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Outpost Soil Moisture Monitoring

Outpost WASP is a revolutionary low cost Soil Moisture monitoring solution. With no power supply or data cables required you can install the device anywhere in mobile phone coverage that you want to measure the soil moisture. You can view and report on the 15 minute data from your website. The internal batteries will last for 5 years *. Installation is very simple with no solar panel required.

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Effluent Disposal monitoring

Install anywhere your mobile phone works

Swipe magnet to activate your Outpost

You're done! View data from your website.
  • Beautifully Simple
    Your Mother can install and operate this solution
  • 5 year battery life
    The internal lithium batteries can last up to 5 years! *
  • Mark-up, Resell & Profit
    Simple website data analysis and system management
  • Global Coverage
    Install the device anywhere with GSM mobile phone coverage
  • Create & Send Beautiful Emails
    Make the solution your own with custom logos and web skins
  • Mark-up, Resell & Profit
    Manage large numbers of devices with group management and maps
  • Manage Lists & Subscribers
    Interface with your own system using REST or FTP API's
  • Powerful Analytics
    Alarms sent instantly via email or text message

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get a SIM card from?
    You don't. The device is shipped with a SIM card already installed for your country. Your usage charges are managed through the web interface.
  • Is there a charge for the SIM and website platform?
    Yes. You pay one low cost monthly or yearly invoice that covers both the SIM costs and the web platform for all your connected Outposts. There is a fixed fee for each country and these charges can be pre or post paid by credit card or direct payment.
  • Can I stop my monthly charges at any time?
    Yes. Unless you are in a contract you can deactivate the device from the web platform and halt your monthly charges. You can activate the device again later.
  • Can I have more than one sensor per Outpost?
    Sorry - not with this product. We have done our best to make this product beautiful in its simplicity. If you need more than one sensor then why not try one of our multipurpose loggers or use two Outpost temps.
  • Can my company integrate this solution and market it as part of our own service offering?
    Yes. The website is 100% brandable and you can even reprogram your web display template yourself using javascript. Alternatively use the API to interface with your existing solution.
  • How long will the internal batteries last?
    * The batteries will last for 5 years in good signal. In low or patchy signal the batteries may be used up more quickly - but you can track it from the website. Alarms are not currently supported on WASP soil moisture. If you expect to get several alarms a day or want your data updated more than once per day then this isn't the product for your application. Have a look at the Outpost EVO advanced wireless logger.
  • What are the specs of the soil moisture probe?
    The only soil moisture probe currently supported in the Outpost WASP series is the Decagon 5TM. Other soil moisture probes types are supported on the Outpost EVO advanced wireless logger.
  • When does the daily upload of data occur?
    You can choose the hour of the day that the previous 24 hours worth of data is sent to the website. It will happen at some point in this hour.
  • Is the device plug and play?
    We think the term plug and play is an industry cliche. The Outpost-Temp doesn't even have a plug but we're confident you'll find it to be the easiest to operate monitoring device on the market.
  • How does the Outpost send the data?
    The Outpost connects to the mobile GPRS data network and sends data using HTTP over TCP/IP to the Outpost web servers. All configuration and firmware updates occur the same way.
  • Is the solution robust?
    Good question - robustness is the most important aspect of a cost effective monitoring solution. The answer is Yes. Outpost have been designing GPRS based monitoring solutions since 2002. We have many thousands of successful deployments around the world and are one of the fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific.
  • This sounds too good to be true. Is it really as awesome as it sounds?
    It sure is - try it.