GPRS Data logger hardware

Outpost range of

You can connect Meters and Sensors to the Outpost web monitoring platform using a range of SIM based GSM/GPRS/3G hardware to suit your application

WASP Series (Internal Batteries)

Low cost waterproof data logger with internal SIM card and ultra long life batteries. Versions available to connect to a single water meter, temperature probe and soil moisture probe. The picture shows an Outpost attached to a small residential water meter.

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Evolution Series

Multi-purpose GPRS Data logger with 3 x 4-20mA Analogue channels, 2 x Counter channels, MODBUS master and DIN Rail Mountable. This device is very low power but you supply a 12V power system to suit your application.

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Aura Series

Low cost data logger with low number of inputs. Versions available for 4-20mA, Coronis Wireless, Counter and RS485 MODBUS. Requires an external power source.

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