Outpost Smart Meter Customers

Who's using

A small selection of our customers in no particular order.


ActewAGL (The Utility of Australian Capital Territories) have selected Outpost technology to monitor the water consumption of their top 200 water users in Australian Capital Territories.

Customers can log in to the outpost central website to view their water consumption in real-time. ActewAGL recently won the prestigious AWA Annual Program Innovation Award for the Customer Demand Management project using the Outpost solution


WaterGroup specialise in the development, engineering, implementation and maintenance of Sustainable Integrated Water Management Solutions. Of particular relevance is our Smart Metering experience to verify and maintain water savings.

WaterGroup are at the forefront of Smart Metering data analysis, using the Outpost website to establish KPIs and benchmarks for large water users.


WaterForce supply, install and service a complete range of water management and irrigation products. Products include centre pivots, irrigators, sprinklers, drip & fixed irrigation, pumping systems, filtration & treatment, effluent systems and monitoring devices.


Vector deploys Outpost Loggers and is using the OutpostCentral.com website to monitor micro wind turbines in a range of locations to assess their technical viability and commercial potential as a renewable energy solution.

Vector is a leading provider of electricity distribution in New Zealand servicing over 25% of the country's electricity connections.


GRONET is a soil moisture monitoring and profiling service that previously supplied their customers with weekly soil moisture readings taken by field personel. Using Outpost technology Gronet customers now have realtime access to their soil moisture trends to make better informed irrigation decisions. Gronet is now deployed at over 400 vineyards around New Zealand and Australia and growing.


Outpost Central is working as a GPRS wireless integration partner for Metrix, a Division of Mighty River Power, on their rollout of over 300,000 Smart Electricity meters across Auckland Region.

The meters use adaptive radio mesh technology and Outpost Central has developed the interface points between the mesh technology and the Vodafone cell-phone network.