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OEM Smart Meter Platform

Outpost Smart Meter platform is designed for OEM meter & sensor manufacturers to join the low-cost wireless revolution. The fully brandable web-based platform allows you to skip the risk and expense of wireless system development and use a technology proven across hundreds of different meter & sensor types. Choose from a range of hardware series that best suits your meter & sensor range, with standard inputs including 4-20mA, pulse counter, RS-232, RS-485, MODBUS and SDI-12.

Proven wireless add-on for your meter/sensor portfolio
Export data to your existing OEM front-end software
Avoid huge development expense & risk
Climb value chain with a service offering for your customers
Track performance of your meters/sensors

  • Beautifully SimpleSimple to install. No on-site concentrator or software required.
  • 5 year battery lifeWASP series internal lithium batteries will last for 5+ years!
  • Mark-up, Resell & ProfitSimple website data analysis and system management
  • Global CoverageInstall the device anywhere with GSM mobile phone coverage
  • Create & Send Beautiful EmailsMake the solution your own with custom logos and web skins
  • Mark-up, Resell & ProfitManage large numbers of devices with group management and maps
  • Manage Lists & SubscribersInterface with your own system using REST or FTP API's
  • Powerful AnalyticsMinimum Night flow or leak alarms sent via email or text message

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I get a SIM card from?
    You don't. The device is shipped with a SIM card already installed for your country. Your usage charges are managed through the web interface.
  • Is there a charge for the SIM and website platform?
    Yes. You pay one low cost monthly or yearly invoice that covers both the SIM costs and the web platform for all your connected Outposts. There is a fixed fee for each country and these charges can be pre or post paid by credit card or direct payment.
  • Can I stop my monthly charges at any time?
    Yes. Unless you are in a contract you can deactivate the device from the web platform and halt your monthly charges. You can activate the device again later.
  • Can I connect more than one meter to an Outpost?
    The Outpost WASP series is designed for 1 or 2 meters/sensors only although many sensors can be bussed with MODBUS or SDI-12. OEM integration works best with a small and fixed number of sensors to minimise support requirements.
  • Can my company integrate this solution and market it as part of our own service offering?
    Yes. The website is 100% brandable and you can even reprogram your web display template yourself using javascript. Alternatively use the API to interface with your existing solution.
  • Can I use Outpostcentral as a relay point to my existing software platform?
    Absolutely. Is is designed for exactly this purpose, although customisable front-end display pages are available if you prefer to simply brand the Outpostcentral website. The FTP and REST interfaces are extremely easy to use.
  • Can I use the Outpost loggers but send data directly to my own servers?
    Sorry no. A large part of the Outpostcentral platform is the technology to robustly manage large numbers of remote wireless devices, and this functionality is expensive to replicate on your own platform.
  • How long will the internal batteries last?
    For 15 minute readings and daily uploads the batteries will last for 5 years. Enquire for a special AMR version for Water Authorities that will last up to 10 years.
  • How frequently can data be sent to the website?
    The Outpost WASP series is designed for daily uploads. You can choose the hour of the day that the previous 24 hours worth of data is sent to the website. For faster uploads consider using Outpost EVO advanced wireless logger.
  • How does the Outpost send the data?
    The Outpost connects to the mobile GPRS data network and sends data using HTTP over TCP/IP to the Outpost web servers. All configuration and firmware updates occur the same way.
  • Is the solution robust?
    Good question - robustness is the most important aspect of a cost effective monitoring solution. The answer is Yes. Outpost have been designing GPRS based monitoring solutions since 2002. We have many thousands of successful deployments around the world and are one of the fastest growing technology companies in Asia Pacific.
  • Can my clients create their own secure logins?
    Yes. The Outpost platform allows the creation of Admin users for each of your clients plus groups within each client. All access is fully secure, SSL can be used if required.
  • How do I order Outpost loggers with custom mating connectors?
    For large volume orders we can build custom mating connectors or reed-swich cables into the production.